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11 February 2009



Only a few earthquake precursor signal generation related processes are being discussed here.

B - 1 Phenomena such as the piezoelectric effect cause different types of electromagnetic energy field fluctuations to be generated in fault zones in the days, weeks, months, and years before earthquakes occur.

B - 2 Geomagnetic storm energy (which often has its origins in solar storms) can interact with fault zones and in the process contribute to or amplify certain fault zone activity related electromagnetic energy field fluctuations.

B - 3 Solar storm activity is associated with events taking place in and around the sun. Interactions between solar storms and the Earth's geomagnetic field and earthquake fault zones are affected by the nature of the solar storm and also the orientation of the sun's magnetic field lines relative to those of the Earth. About every 7 days the sun magnetic field lines orientation can shift from being in the same direction as those of the Earth to being in the opposite direction.

B - 4 Earthquake fault zone activity related electromagnetic energy fields can be focused in specific directions by a variety of phenomena. As a result before an earthquake a sensor located a certain distance on one side of the fault zone might be detecting strong energy field fluctuations while another one an equal distance away on the fault zone's other side might not detect anything. This is one of the important reasons that some energy field detectors give the appearance of not producing consistent results.

B - 5 The geomagnetic storm - earthquake fault zone interactions take place most often during the days and weeks just before an earthquake occurs when the fault zone’s rock layer's physical, chemical, and electrical properties change as it gets close to fracturing. But they can also take place months and perhaps years before the earthquake occurs.

B - 6 Phenomena such as lighting strikes and I believe geomagnetic storms can cause low frequency radio waves to be generated. I expect that events taking place within fault zones can also cause them to be generated.

Those radio waves can travel around the world with relatively little loss in signal strength. Air is a reasonably good conductor for them. Water is better. And metal is best.

As they interact with fault zones and/or when they are generated as the result of fault zone activities, information regarding fault zone events can be superimposed on them and then be carried by them around the world.

B - 7 Some fault zone event related electromagnetic energy field fluctuations range in time from 0.25 seconds to perhaps 30 seconds in duration. Others may persist for hours, days, and even weeks.

B - 8 Because the times when those energy field fluctuations occur can be controlled by forces or phenomena related to the gravitational pulls of the sun and the moon and also forces or phenomena related to geomagnetic storms etc., the fluctuations can occur at high strain level times etc. in the same time cycles which control earthquake occurrence times. Or they can occur at somewhat random looking times which may be days, weeks, or months apart.

B - 9 Other earthquake precursors possibly related to electromagnetic energy field fluctuations have been reported over the years. They would include Earthquake Lights which are a type of temporary, local luminescence, glowing balls of light which may be suspended in the air, and static noise on radio, television, and telephone transmissions.

B - 10 Interactions taking place between earthquake fault zones located even great distances apart can result in signals being generated which are stronger than they might otherwise be. For a hypothetical example, an approaching 8.0 magnitude earthquake in one fault zone might cause a signal associated with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake which is about to occur in another, distant fault zone to be amplified to a point where it appears to be for a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

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Eathquake Gal said...

I am positive electromagnetic changes prior to an earthquake are real and are a precursor! Check out the research being done by QuakeFinder in California. What they saw prior to the Alum Rock, CA earthquake in 10/2007 is really intriguing. There just has to be something to all this research, theory and thought regarding electromagnetic fields and quakes. I encourage all to go check out their website as it is just far too plausible (!!