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10 November 2010

Knowledge Discovery from Data Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model

Seminar Nasional Sains Antariksa, Lapan, Serpong, 2010.

Knowledge Discovery from Data Using Neuro-Fuzzy Model.
Case Study : Extreme Weather/Climate and Extreme Space Weather/Climate
The Houw Liong

The core of science is to obtain reliable knowledge discoveries i.e to obtain conceptual model, empirical model, physical model, rules, law of causality, and theory from experimental or observe data and to test the prediction based on the knowledge with the experimental/observe data. In informatics, the method is known as Knowledge Discovery from Data (KDD) or Data Mining which is supported by statistics (clustering, regression, correlations, Principal Component Analysis, etc.) and Artificial Intelligence ( ANN, Fuzzy Logics, Neuro-Fuzzy, Support Vector Machine, etc.)
Case Study is in the fields of weather/climate and space weather / climate to predict short term , mid term and long term prediction of extreme weather /climate especially to predict extreme weather /climate to anticipate the possibility of extreme rainfall in Indonesia and the coming of strong Coronal Mass Ejection at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013 which could disrupt communication and navigation systems.


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