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16 November 2011

Global Warming ?

What do Chinese scientists think about GW, AGW and the IPCC? Recent peer-reviewed study: Fang, J.Y., Zhu, J.L., Wang, S.P., Yue, C. and Shen, H.H. 2011. Global warming, human-induced carbon emissions, and their uncertainties. Science China Earth Sciences 54: 1458-1468. Conclusions on GW: "Global warming is an objective fact with great uncertainty in the magnitude of the temperature increase." "However, this still has large uncertainties in the magnitude of the global temperature rise." On AGW: "Both human activities and natural factors contribute to climate change, but it is difficult to quantify their relative contributions." "The impacts of natural and anthropogenic factors, especially the aerosols, are uncertain." On the IPCC: "The IPCC claimed that the increase in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (including CO2) is the driving force for climate warming, but this has been questioned by the scientific community." "This conclusion (IPCC conclusion) has generated considerable controversy, and the debates have focused on the following four points: 1) it remains unclear how the human and natural factors, especially the aerosols, affect the global temperature change; 2) over the past century, the temperature change has not always been consistent with the change of CO2 concentration. For several periods, global temperatures decreased or were stable while the atmospheric CO2 concentration continuously increased; 3) there is no significant correlation between the annual increment of the atmospheric CO2 concentration and the annual anomaly of annual mean temperature; and 4) the observed significant increase of the atmospheric CO2 concentration may not be totally attributable to anthropogenic emissions because there are great uncertainties in the sources of CO2 concentration in atmosphere."

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